Redeemed Hyssop is a place for you to be left encouraged while you read some awesome stories. We are also a place of Faith, Goofiness’, and more. You will find some resources for bible studies and reading plans. You will also find heart-filled posts, a whole bunch of faith-based stuff, and so much more. Here you will also find a wonderful up-lifting community to do this life with. We aim to leave you with self-reflections, some harsh truths to face, biblically sound findings, and the drive to want to lean into God. Encouraging women to draw near and dive deeper.

This Blog isn’t just for women but for all walks of life. It’s about encouraging one another, I just happen to talk about motherhood, being a woman, and faith the most. It is our passion here at Redeemed Hyssop to be real and transparent. Because not only are you Redeemed (Isaiah 43:1-2) but you are called by name. This is a place where the word because of reality. Posts are made generally every other day, so you will look forward to seeing something to start your week, refill the middle of the week and then hopefully end your week!

People see God every day, they just don’t recognize him.

Pearl Bailey

I was once told that you are the only bible that some people will ever get to read. Even at that will people listen? I believe they will when they see it.

Every day people see God’s work and the things Jesus does but no one recognizes him. I want to change that I want to bring back the vision that God is real and that Jesus is King.

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