Giving Thanks On Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving Guys!

This week is all about giving thanks, what better way to do it than to give thanks to our creator and our savior! There are so many things to give thanks over and so many ways to do so! This week let’s bring a little kindness back to Thanksgiving weekend and read through some scriptures that not only talk about giving thanks but just overall being grateful and bright! Today’s post isn’t going to be a long one due to the Thanksgiving weekend, so I will make this as short as possible. I also won’t be posting anything till after Thanksgiving!

While my Christmas tree is set up and ready to go I sat there I stared at the beautiful lights and the star on top thinking God you are so amazing, thank you! There is so much I thought of at that moment to be thankful for and grateful for. I had a job, my bills were being caught up on, my family is okay, no one is severely ill, my marriage is getting better, my children are laughing, and we are all alive. What isn’t there to be thankful for? I couldn’t think of one bad thing, which is a first in a long time. As I sat there just staring at this tree I couldn’t help but wonder why is it so hard for us to give thanks? I mean sometimes we are greedy, hurt, or blinded to even being to feel grateful but I still wondered why?

Later that day I decided to sit down with my trusty basic instructions before leaving earth and I tried to find scriptures on giving thanks. All of them if not most of them all were about giving thanks to God, which is what we should be doing. He is the only one who is keeping my finances afloat, my life from disappearing, and my family together. Paul mentions that we need to be giving thanks often and that is what Thanksgiving is all about. About giving thanks to both the big and the small.

Little history buff is about to share something we all learned in school. In 1621 the Plymouth colonists sat down with the Wampanoag and shared the autumn feast. So as we sit down with family and friends this thanksgiving let’s go around and list what we are thankful for! You could even begin to read the scripture about thanksgiving if that is something you do! So here is to give thanks, God Bless guys!

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