What bibles do I use?

I use three different kinds of bibles, ( I hoard collect bibles) I mainly use NIV but will use an ESV or an NKJV. Here is a list of some of the bible I have in my collection and what I mainly use. What I have learned over the few years is that while I don’t always understand and become filled with some versions I still use them to cross-reference and compare meanings. It is important to understand and perceive the meaning accurately. Hence why I use a study bible along with all my bibles or some form of historical and spiritual application. Plus if I am going to collect something it might as well be God’s word right?

How did I get started?

How did I got started writing? Well, I was encouraged by family and friends to start writing. I didn’t really know what to write about before and I just felt like it wasn’t worth it. However, this page has come a long way with trials and errors. I am still working on it, I think also that this blog and many other factors helped me find what I am gifted with. I started looking up what platform would be best and settles with WordPress.

How did I get started as a Christian writer? Well, after many attempts and trying to find accuracy, I prayed for clarification and I kept coming back to this idea of reaching our world by words. After self-reflections, prayers, finding biblical accuracy, and still growing. I wanted to share that with whoever is willing to listen.

What Devotionals do you recommend?

There are plenty of them out there but here is a list of devotionals and bible studies I have done in the past and still work on. I love doing mom devotionals because that is what I can relate to most right now, I am also in the process of making devotionals! I would try and suggest using discernment with what is out there due to the fact that mainstream Christianity isn’t the same as what we should be learning and following.

What tools do you use during bible time?

I use a variety of things from sticky notes to journals, a lot can be found at a local dollar store but I made a list here to help show you what I use. I mean it! Take advantage of your local dollar store, I have found a lot of my highlight tabs there and paper clips!

A little advice though, you don’t have to have these things to have bible time, I am naturally a note taker and if I don’t write it down I forget. I know plenty of people who just sit and read and mentally understand without having to write it all down. There is absolutely nothing wrong with not taking notes in your bible, there is nothing wrong with how you study, as long as you spend time with God and spend that time actually understanding his word and the contexts you are okay.

Have you thought about creating product?

I have and at this time, I am not called to do so. I have ideas that I would love to make into products but I am good with just writing, learning, reading, wisdom and knowledge for now!

Do you have Bible Reading Plans?

Yes I do Here and Here! They are in my two posts, One in chronological order and one for front to back! I plan on making more read-a-longs, plans, resources, for those who need them.